WPGM Reviews: All Time Low Live At 3Olypmia (In Pictures)

I got the opportunity to see All Time Low at 3Olypmia, in Dublin on Monday, March 13, 2023, for the Tell Me I’m Alive on Tour. A sold-out venue of 1,600 people, this being All Time Low’s 9th performance at the venue over the years, as they put it, “not much has changed.”

They had a full line of support, starting with the ever-wonderful Lauran Hibberd. So full of energy and is truly is up and coming in this pop punk space. Playing Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8er Boi” really highlights where she is going. Also, when you follow her, make sure to send her 💩 so her mum can’t take credit for her follower count.

Then come on Games We Play, I’ve known of these lads for a while, it took to travel to Dublin for me to see them. They complimented All Time Low’s sound really well to warm up the crowd along with having that shared fan base meant that everyone one sang along with them from the start of their set till the end.

Set It Off really know their audience and fans by just sliding the Backstreet Boy’s “Everybody”, the millennials were very happy. Even when Zach DeWall took a pretty nasty backward fall off the step, they didn’t miss a beat finishing the song; the band checked on him and decided to continue the set, giving an even bigger performance.

I’d like to give a particular shout-out to the drummer Maxx Danziger, he knows how to put on a performance. Before ending the set, Cody Carson gave us a glimpse into his past and how it was All Time Low who gave him a chance to open for them years ago. That really kept him on that path to keep making music to now going full circle on tour with them.

Now for the main act, All Time Low, they’ve been around and done this a few times, and it shows. In the best kind of way they never miss a beat in their performance; the banter between them is always witty and enjoyable, and they know how to include their fans and put on a show that’s worth the money.

All Time Low have this rare talent that most who have been doing this as long as they have can’t always balance their setlist, but All Time Low do, weaving in their older discography, “Scene Kid Anthems”, and their new stuff perfectly so it doesn’t feel disjointed.

They switched and slowed the vibe down with “Forever Young” on piano then back up again with “Somewhere In Neverland”. As always, at their show, there was no shortage of blue hair, spacers and ripped jeans.

The strong scent of axe body spray barely covered the smell of sweat and the nostalgia of the teenage years. Like I said they know how to put on a show and have very strong discography that even had the older security guards toe-tapping and nodding along with a slight smile on their faces.

Quick vote: is this All Times Low’s 8 or 9th Album? — Psst Alex says 8

Words + phography by Cydnee Brook

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