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WPGM Commentary: King Kay Is Trying To Find Balance On ‘Crazy Part 3’

My name is King Kay, and as an artist, I believe that it’s important to keep pushing boundaries and exploring new sounds and styles.

With my latest release, “Crazy Part 3“, I wanted to create a track that blended my love for smooth talking with introspective themes that my fans have come to know me for. In this commentary, I will be sharing my perspective on why I made this song and the ideas behind it.

In previous tracks like “Perfect Peace”, “Gold”, and “Last Days Of Summer”, I explored more introspective themes that allowed me to share personal stories and experiences with my listeners. These songs were a way for me to connect with my fans on a deeper level and let them know that they are not alone in their struggles.

However, I also wanted to create tracks like “Wavy Kay” that showcased my love for smooth talking and witty wordplay. While this type of music may seem more surface-level, it’s still important to me because it allows me to showcase my range as an artist.

With “Crazy Part 3”, I feel like I’ve found a balance between these two styles. The track starts with a reflection on how music has kept me grounded and focused throughout my life.

Growing up, I wasn’t interested in getting into trouble or causing chaos outside, because my focus was always on the music. It was a way for me to stay connected to my roots and my upbringing.

I also hope people really understand the gravity of the bar when I say “Used to rock FUBU now we rocking Martine Rose and Bianca Saunders“.

In the past, the only real black brands we had were FUBU, but now we have designers like Wales Bonner, Martine Rose, and Bianca Saunders. This is a huge step forward for black culture, and I am currently working on my own clothing line that I hope can add to the list of high-end black designers.

We gotta stop peacocking trying to flash the most popular logos around. I’m all about high quality fabrics and comfort as opposed to just trying to impress people.

My love for the 90s (and the 80s and 70s) also played a big role in the creation of this track. There’s something about hearing a sweet sample over an instrumental that just evokes a deep sense of emotion in me, and the lyrics just seem to flow out effortlessly.

Travel has also been a huge influence on my life and my music. As anyone who follows me on social media knows, I love to travel and document my experiences through my ‘VayKaytion’ series. Travelling allows me to gain new perspectives and inspiration from different cultures, and this is something that I hope comes through in my music.

I believe that the ‘Crazy’ series is a perfect representation of the various styles and themes that I explore in my music. This track is the last single off my upcoming tape, which will be dropping in the spring. I am excited to share more of my music with my fans and hope that they can connect with my experiences and journey through my music.

In conclusion, “Crazy Part 3” was a way for me to showcase my range as an artist and blend my love for smooth talking with introspective themes that my fans have come to know me for.

This track represents my journey as an artist and my personal experiences, from my love for music and fashion to my passion for travel and gaining new perspectives. I hope that my fans enjoy this track and can connect with the ideas and themes that I explore in my music.

Listen to “Crazy Part 3” below and stream it everywhere else here.

Words by King Kay // Follow him on Instagram + TikTok

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