WPGM Reviews: BARLI Live At Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen

Bewitching hour is upon us for BARLI to debut her warmest of tranquil intimacies – her nurtured sounds have grown and blossomed into the most strongest and beautiful of vines. A sound that has emerged out from the undergrowth and now its time to let it breathe. This debut gig is its light to flourish and let these organic sounds manoeuvre ever so gently in the warmest of alluring atmospheres!

Come and bask in the depths of midnight, through the mist, we have the arrival of the lady with the hauntingly intriguing voice. The urban legend is no more – out from the reveries of darkness, bear witness to BARLI – a clandestine unveiled! This is her moment to shine – let the lights cascade over her, out from the darkest of hours the richest of serene sounds sensually unfold and reverberate like tiny warm kisses showering over this transfixed intimate crowd.

Petite in statue emerges a mighty powerhouse, centre stage with the brightest of smiles and her band ready to unveil these smokey subtleties. Opener “Reach For Me” is a waterfall that gloriously streams out with epic proportions. A sound so heavy and fresh catapults out of the speakers vigorously, a rapid force showering you straight in the face. The clearest of sounds summon this in-awed crowd – a beautiful tornado of intimate sounds sweep out and carry this crowd away.

The pace is fast, hard and fresh all from this enticing figure. Vocals magnify epically throughout as “Reach For Me” packs an almighty punch, a force to be reckoned with! Strong in statue this lady’s voice carries so much weight that reverberates around this room. We the crowd are in BARLI’s musical web – entangled as her silk woven melodies hypnotise us as she weaves ever so gently us into her grasp.

Electrifying elasticity. Risen from the ashes BARLI emerges as a phoenix – mystifying and uplifting! Centre stage she contains nerves as this is her time to shine, a humbled figure she reiterates to the crowd, “Wow, there’s people here”. This is the birth of someone very special here – the rise of a star! BARLI’s music is a contrast tonight of deep, unearthed dimensions all executed with a sincere smile as both darkness and jubilation unfold.

All eyes are centre stage, lost in this kaleidoscopic performance as she delivers a brand new track “Stole” – a performance with heart and angst. The confidence is apparent as BARLI begins to stride smoothly across this stage, floating on air as her tenacity takes levity. Engaging with her crowd these are her people and they love her. Never have vocals sounded so distinct and rich – an effortless performance becomes second nature to an amazed BARLI. A live performance Vs a recording and the two are sheer perfection. If this is what nerves sound like with a flawless finesse, I can only imagine how exceptional she’ll grow as a performer.

In the darkest of hours, BARLI unearths “Vex” and “Pebbles”, delivered all with the sensual of sublimities. A warm breeze of the smoothest of sounds calmly echo from this musical titan, light as a feather as these genteel melodies flutter throughout. ‘This is what happiness sounds like’, brought out into the light, every song tonight conveys a symbolism of BARLI’s re-birth. An awakening to all that this is someone spectacular. “Rum Woman” strides out confident as this defining, unique voice rasps out. BARLI has the crowd in the palm of her hands, a full house of friends, family and new followers.

Time seems to slip away unnoticed as the gig draws to a close with a premiere of her new song “Speechless” showcases BARLI’s most riveting, heartfelt intimacies all delivered with the deepest of emotions and poised after with the warmest of smiles. An individual of the most unique and intriguing and a set packed with love and emotion straight from the depths of a multi-faceted lady. Music like no other flourishes majestically on stage – rich, bold and strong.

Out of the pitch-black, the illusive lady brought her world of midnight melodies and took us in her fold. A hypnotic warm water of serenity shone bright where BARLI uprooted these musical stems and lay the foundations of flourishing musings where darkness personifies these elemental shadows and luminates there beauty. This is BARLI’s most precious bloom, divinity divine!

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Words by Melanie John

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