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WPGM Reviews: Ella Eyre Live At O2 Academy Brixton

ella eyre
As the iconic Ella Eyre prepares for her heavily anticipated performance at the O2 academy in Brixton, swarms of teenage girls flood the arena awaiting the star’s only London date! With the release of her album Feline, the 21-year old has taken the music industry by storm, with never ending festival sets and a variety of sold out shows all across the UK, the Brit school graduate has rocketed to worldwide fame!

As the female dominated audience grows rapidly, the star sets her show off with “All Bout You“, a sassy attitudinal show opener that portrays the raw emotional side of a break up. This swiftly leads into the chart smashing hit “Comeback“, this sends the crowd into an absolute frenzy of girl power and independence! With thousands of girls screaming to lyrics like “Dry your eyes Mr. Wise Guy” and “They’re all the same, they never learn“, there is a strong sense of unity found within previous heartache and betrayal.

There is yet to be a dull moment within the set due to the enthusiasm and electricity of Ella Eyre herself, the young performer leaps around the stage erratically, throwing sassy dance moves here and there, to absorb the extreme interest of the audience! The star continues the show with the upbeat summer anthem of “Good Times“, this feel good tune throws the crowd into memories of sun and relaxation.

These blissful 3 minutes create a paradise, which makes the captivated audience forget about everyday life and the dreary autumn season! This summer hit plunges into the star’s number one chart smasher “Waiting All Night“, a song that features the singer alongside the exceptionally talented Rudimental, this song exploded Ella Eyre’s career and recognition she deserves within the music industry and even won the duo a Brit Award for the ‘Best British Single’ at the 2014 Brit Awards.

The set is sprinkled with more versatile numbers that show Ella’s softer and more emotional side. The audience becomes ignited by the opening spine chilling chords of “We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off“, a cover which is adored by thousands. The mix of emotional despair and heartbreak; accompanied alongside heart wrenching lyrics, contradicts the crowd into reflecting on their own views of love in a uniquely positive way. Ella Eyre and her band then takes those willing, to a journey before her career really started with the tune “Deeper“. Even though this was released at the beginning of Ella’s career, it’s still met by a sea of phone screens and fans desperately trying to get onto each other’s shoulders!

Towards the end of the vibrant set, the star washes the crowd into a frenzy of unintentional chaos with the well known tune “Gravity” – a song the young performer created alongside the budding DJ Fresh that sparked global recognition – with an energy filled performance that exceeds expectations and sees the Brit winner jump around the stage, whilst interacting with thousands belting the single at the top of their lungs! The boisterous contemporary artist closes the mind blowing performance with “If I Go“. The academy is completely won over by the slowly building bridge and the sharp tempo change of the chorus, alongside the 21 year old’s stunning vocals and heightened hooks that have become essentials of British pop.

With the departure of the big-haired pop star, the crowd erupts into a state of hysteria, demanding the return of the solo artist for an encore. Suddenly the band appear and hype the rowdy crowd in a remastered version of one of the world’s greatest pop songs “Best of My Love“. The quirky bass lines and bouncy upbeat tempo plunge the crowd back to the 70s, paired with iconic lyrics and eccentric dance moves which shows the traditional pop-soul aspect of Ella’s album.

Finally, the long awaited encore concludes with “Together“, this is the third single from Eyre’s album and the soul/pop track is dangerously catchy and similar to a lot of her previous songs. Beginning as a heartfelt ballad, she spirals into a dance chorus; though Ella’s powerful solo voice bellows out, there is no sense of surprise in the commercial track. Nevertheless the final anthem proves to those in doubt that Ella Eyre is an incredible vocalist and definitely knows how to bring the party to the stage!

Words by Olivia Fleming

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