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WPGM Reviews: Jack Vallier Live At Servant Jazz Quarters

Monday, May 14, 2018. Dalston Kingsland and The Servant Jazz Quarters, a quaint and intimate venue perfect for a debut headline show. Stepping onto the stage was emerging singer-songwriter Jack Vallier – with a live set up consisting of Jack and the almighty Duncan Boyce providing us with all those synths and layers creating the important atmospheric moments.

The intro to “Boy You Knew” kicked off the performance, as the crowd fell silent and welcomed Jack on stage with applause. This was followed by uplifting alt-pop track “Good For You” also taken from his debut EP Rebekah released at the end of 2017.

Jack continued his new repertoire of tracks with “Talk 2 Me” and “Fair Fight” with the interjection his most recent release “Love You Twice” sandwiched in between. It had everyone in the room grooving. It’s a perfect anthem for the UK festival season.

If you picture this; the warm countryside, everyone’s cheeks a little sun kissed as dusk and the beers kick in making you feel just that little lighter. In Jack’s own words “You can bop to this one”. With an effortless vocal, Jack eased seamlessly into his show as it continued, interacting with his crowd in close proximity as he asked everyone to move a little closer towards the stage.

Taken from his Rebekah EP, “Change Your Mind” was next and really had Jack show off his silky vocal tone. Jack balanced the set perfectly with the down tempo, darker, synth heavy tracks with the more playful laid-back tracks.

Shaking it up, he introduced the talented Lauren Aquilina, who was welcomed onto the stage for a duet of their co-write “Anyway”. Supposedly “unrehearsed”, it was a solid moment of true musicianship from two friends. Jack continued to drop hints of upcoming new music being released soon, and this track will be sure to flourish.

Next was his incredibly heart-felt first release “Rebekah“, the track that ignited Jack’s career as an artist, back in early 2017 as a front runner on Spotify. The whole crowd got involved, singing back towards the stage filling the room with a chorus of vocals, with truly genuine support flowing through the venue.

The last track was all on Jack and his guitar, where his songwriting journey really began. Closing calmly with “You wouldn’t Know” the whole room fell to a silence, Jacks vocals cascading off all corners of the room.

With Jack’s tracks never short of a memorable melody and a catchy hook, it is no surprise he was swept up by Method Records last year. A perfectly intimate headline show that will propel him perfectly into his busy festival season. For some feel good pop, also intertwined with his sincere lyrics and a story of heartbreak to tell, there is something for everyone in Jack Vallier’s set and it is not one to miss.

It is without a doubt, Jack will begin to make serious waves this Summer as his shows grow bigger and bolder, and we will be sure to see him sell out larger venues across the UK very soon. In a saturated singer-songwriter market with the majority of tracks lost on Spotify, Jack’s exceptional songwriting has risen him far above the rest. With a bright future ahead, Jack is certainly on my radar and you would be a fool not to place him on yours.

You can catch Jack Vallier performing next at Field Day, Latitude and more over the next few months. Keep tabs on him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Setlist: The Boy You Knew // Good For You // Talk 2 Me // Love You Twice // Fair Fight // Good Love // Change Your Mind // Anyway // Changes // Rebekah // You Wouldn’t Know

Words by Jodie Brunning

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