WPGM Reviews: LoveJoy Live At SWX Bristol (In Pictures)

I got to see LoveJoy headlining SWX Bristol on Friday, the 31st of March, as part of their UK, Ireland and European Spring 2023 tour, before heading to America for a 20-date tour in May and June.

The support act for their Bristol headline show was Swim School, who are from Edinburgh and I’m really excited to see them playing at festivals this year, and getting to perform to bigger audiences and stages.

During the show, you could feel their happiness radiating off the audience. It was hard not to smile while I was there. I saw so many mums and dads there, just wanting to support their kids having a good time.

The crew running the show were next level as well, and so very kind and respectful. This really those plays into the idea of “I can’t put my finger on why the vibe is so perfect tonight” – that will be a reason why. They help create that atmosphere. When the crew, management and the band are all on the same page… Like in this case, it really allows the show to shine through.

Now on to LoveJoy! They knocked it out of the park. This show at SWX Bristol was their last night of the their UK tour before a few shows across Europe. Afterwards, there will be on a short break, and they head out to America.

Most importantly, you could see that they wanted to be there and enjoyed performing and being on stage together. It was one of those times whereby you can go, “This is where they are meant to be, and this is what they are meant to be doing,” and this lot are only just getting started.

LoveJoy are still very much in the early years of the band and making music. I’m excited to hear the next single, and also for their next full length album, to see how they are coming together and creating their sound.

And a slight mention that Wilbur Soot did let slip the title of their new single, but since this is a spoiler-free zone, all I can say is that the single is out on the 14th of May.

Words + photography by Cydnee Brook

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