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WPGM Reviews: Peace Live At O2 Academy Brixton

As the four piece band from Birmingham prepare for their heavily anticipated performance at the O2 Academy in Brixton, thousands of fans surge the area creating an electric atmosphere. Harry, Sam, Dominic and Douglas form the indie rock band Peace; who are currently embarking on a UK tour that has been hyped up for months. The release of their album Happy People and set at reading festival earlier this year have sparked admiration and recognition globally.

As the crowd rapidly gathers, the foursome set their show off with the spine chilling riff of “O You“, an upbeat show opener, which swiftly leads into the psychedelic melody of “Wraith” which ignites the crowd into a frenzy of unintentional chaos. Seeing as the band are only playing one London show, expectations are high and the desire to be impressed lingers. Whilst the band release intense waves of alternative riffs and melodies, the captivated audience becomes increasingly rowdier.

This is apparent when Harry the frontman of the band, plays the chart smashing hit “Lost On Me” as the spiralling baselines rock the arena. Most of the set list is made up of a variety of tracks from both 2013’s album In Love and this year’s album Happy People. With a mix of emotional despair and loneliness; paired alongside a chilling grunge that’s driven by the lyrics of Harry Koisser and the never ending cycle of guitar riffs and drum beats.

The audience bursts into a state of euphoria as the pumped up “1998 (Delicious)” drops, with a symphony of mesmerising guitar riffs which the four piece then creatively interchanged with the solo of “Bloodshake“. These moments leave the audience mind blown and unified in amazement! The band is met by a sea of phone screens and fans desperately trying to get onto each other’s shoulders, as they wash the crowd in the self absorbed lyrics of “Perfect Skin” in which thousands belt at the top of their lungs, relating to the frontman, Harry Koisser’s personal insecurities.

Whilst the quartet break from the stage; leaving thousands of pleading fans demanding their return and encore, the vibrant lights once again blind those in desperation as Harry Koisser screams the opening verse to “Lovesick“, the crowd stirs into an absolute frenzy singing along to the ideas of teenage rebellion and undying love! As they interacting with the crazed fans forming the mosh pit, the indie band members play the electrifying riff of “Higher Than the Sun“, an older tune that receives an uproar of appreciation, and encourages those to chant at the top of their lungs.

As the band announce their last song, it’s as if all personal worries of everyday life and self induced limitations evaporate into the the guitar based funk of “World Pleasure“. The final anthem reassures those in doubt that the band have not disappointed, and have in fact exceeded expectations. The bands performance was specifically heightened by how the audience reacted to every beat, lyric and riff, proving that the four piece really are ones to watch.

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