WPGM Reviews: Sabrina Carpenter Live At O2 Academy Birmingham (In Pictures)

The anticipation for pop princess Sabrina Carpenter was in full force as thousands of her adoring fans were ready to enjoy a night filled with catchy, anthemic, and fun songs.

From cowboy hats spanning across the entire room, to every single person singing at the top of their lungs to songs on the pre-show playlist ranging from Elton John, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, the energy and excitement radiated amongst every single person in the room. Originally Sabrina was set to perform at the O2 Institute, but due to high demand, and rightly so, her show was upgraded to the O2 Academy.

From the very second the lights went down, there were screams and cheers coming from every corner of the room. Phones up and ready on standby to capture the moment Sabrina Carpenter made her entrance, the wait was over. Appearing on a platform customised to look like a balcony, Sabrina started off with a slow piano number which mesmerized everyone in the room.

All eyes were on her and for a good reason. As she made her way down the stairs towards the giant heart shape on stage, the lights came up slowly revealing a smiling Sabrina Carpenter and her band. The visuals on stage fit perfectly with the overall aesthetic of her latest album, “Emails I Can’t Send”.

All the colours, from her choice of outfit, the lights and the stage production all worked perfectly together. It was a mezmerising experience to witness, especially when it is apparent the time spent on the overall stage design to give the fans an all round musical experience.

Sabrina and her band’s musical ability blended seamlessly together, showcasing strong musicianship all around. They definitely added to the overall quality of the performance.

Providing her fans with a mixture of newer tracks from her latest release to older tracks, there was something in the setlist for everyone to enjoy, whether they were there from the start of Carpenter’s musical journey or have only just discovered her.

Her vocals were flawless as she was able to project her voice throughout the entire room, stunning her fans with her talent. With her songs being pretty relatable to many, her adoring fans took in every word and felt it.

Interacting with her fans and making them feel like a part of the show was something notable for the set. Sabrina was enjoying being up on stage as much as her fans enjoyed what they were witnessing from the crowd. Her energy was contagious which then kept the crowd wanting more. The setlist for the show allowed for Sabrina to show off her versatility.

The crowd sang along to every single song which didn’t go unnoticed. With a huge smile beaming from her song after every round of applause, Sabrina continuously shared her appreciation and love for her fans which she was genuinely grateful for.

Sabrina Carpenter showed the people of Birmingham that not only is she a talented vocalist, but also has the stage presence, charisma and overall personality to back it all up. She definitely made this a night to remember for every single person in the room. With this being her first time performing in the city, this would be a night to remember for Sabrina.

Whether this was their first time seeing her live or having seen her multiple times, she had everyone in the palm of her hands from an impressive performance. She brought her art, the visuals and her talent to the UK and that won’t be forgotten any time soon. Sabrina Carpenter left everyone wanting more which is a sign of a true artist.

Words + photography by Sarah Akomanyi

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