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WPGM Reviews: Thomas Headon Live At O2 Academy Birmingham

A sold-out show at Birmingham’s O2 Academy saw Australian native Thomas Headon take to the stage to give his dedicated fans a standout performance.

Filled with energy, passion, and enjoyment, there was not a single person in the room that was not dancing or singing along to every word. By throwing in a few covers to the setlist, there was something for everyone to feel a part of. But before Headon welcomed Birmingham with open arms, warming up the crowd was singer Harriette.

Armed with a guitar and positivity, Harriette greeted the room and was met with cheers and a loud round of applause. Not yet having performed, there was a great atmosphere for what was to come. With a mixture of indie-pop and soft vocals, this was an excellent way to set the tone for the rest of the performance.

Captivating the room with her set, singing tracks including “Wednesday”, a song about feeling lonely, and “at least I’m pretty”, she could engage and relate to the audience. She was loving every second of being up on stage and it was visible that that’s where she belonged.

William Joseph Cook, who was next up, also gave off energetic and excitable energy. Armed with a guitar and providing an electronic sound, Birmingham gave him a warm reception. He built a relationship with the room by telling jokes, encouraging participation and kicking off his set with “Be Around Me”.

The atmosphere continued throughout as everyone took in every second. Singing along to tracks including “The Dragon” and “BOP”, the only thing that anyone can take away from William Joseph Cook’s set, similarly to Harriette, is authenticity and an immediate connection to the audience.

Anticipation built up while every single person waited for Thomas Headon to make his way to the stage. Eyes were glued to the front and as soon as Headon and his band took their position, it was time to kick things off.

A huge round of applause and cheers erupted as Headon welcomed the Birmingham crowd before singing fan favourite “How Do I Know?”. It was like the world’s biggest karaoke night, as every single person sang along. This continued throughout the set.

It wasn’t long until Headon made his way to the barrier to interact further with his dedicated fans. Phones were out to capture that very moment and smiles beaming on every single person’s face. “Strawberry Kisses” offered soft vocals, as Thomas opens up about the vulnerability of being with someone new.

To mix things up a little, the set list also included a couple of covers. Just like Headon’s original tracks, no one could resist singing along to “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift and “The Best Of Both Worlds” by Miley Cyrus. Thomas Headon shows a lot of versatility throughout the show which is refreshing to hear.

With the show coming to a close, the atmosphere remained the same the whole night. Continuing as they started, the crowd were singing with all they had left for “Nobody Has To Know” and for the last time, Thomas’ contagious energy, along with the fans love for his music rounded it all off with “UrbanAngel1999”. Headon said his goodbyes to Birmingham and with one last round of applause and a well deserved cheer, he exited the stage.

There’s nothing more heart-warming than people coming together to celebrate their love for music. And if there was any way to bring Thomas Headon’s fans anymore closer than this show proved, Headon did just that. His stage presence, his energy and his evident love for being up on that stage and his fans was all everyone in the room needed to take away. It was a night to remember for sure.

Words + photography by Sarah Akomanyi

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