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Currently on the Space Migration Tour with Mac Miller, Chance the Rapper and The Internet, 21-year old R&B/Soul newcomer Tay Walker is in the right place to be showcasing his talents. Now he has released his debut EP, a self-titled compilation of seven songs which show a range of Tay’s talents as a singer, songwriter and musician. Like a lot of 21st century music, Tay talks about falling in love, sex and about women out of his reach.

Tay is surrounded by some incredibly talented people in the business and he forms part of The Internet which includes Syd the Kyd and Matt Martian from Odd Future. His vocals have appeared on the group’s stand-out tracks such as “Flashlight” and “They Say” another incredible R&B track with that distinctive Odd Future influence.  He is also expected to be featured heavily on The Internet’s sophomore album Feel Good after he finishes touring while his forthcoming debut album 25 Hours a Day is expected soon after that, perhaps the name is an indication of his work ethic. His debut record is expected to feature a lot of songs that are produced by The Internet and the fruits of all that collaboration are something I can’t wait to devour.

Opening his debut EP with the track titled “Incredible“, Tay Walker sets the soulful vibe for what is to come. Led by restrained horn arrangements, repetitive cymbal patterns and a quite ethereal bassline, “Incredible” eases you in and encompasses you into memories full of nostalgia and just as you delve further into your own thoughts, Tay’s voice blasts through and brings you back with his incredibly sultry vocals and enticing lyrics. It’s a song designed for seduction.


The third song on the EP is titled “Victoria’s Secret” so it’s only right to take it into those sexy vibes again, and that is what Tay does. Smooth and sultry, there’s an edge in this track with the quick high pitched percussion and the longer electronic keys contrasting with each other. That fresh angle tears this song away from the traditional R&B box you would otherwise put it into. The song that follows on the EP is “I Wanna Know” and is produced by Roc Promo’s Jereme Jay, it is faster in pace that its predecessor and has a more commercial feel to it – definitely one to dance to.

“Victoria’s Secret”:

Tay Walker describes his EP as ‘New School R&B Soul’ and I have to agree. It is quilted in layers of his silky voice but there is always something subtlety new giving it freshness. Ending it all off is “Why Me (Pondering)” which feels influenced by classical and Jazz themes, producing a musically dramatic finish. It starts simply with spoken word over piano arrangements with a broken futuristic feel with his thoughts rolling out. In all honesty, it goes on a bit too long but when the sweet melodic notes of the piano kick in after about a minute, it is so utterly relaxing and classical that it feels timeless. It’s so simply done, allowing for the lyrics to shine through. Soothingly laid back, Tay’s voice has ample time to show off. That agonising want for someone is clear when the electric guitar comes through at the end, leaving the piano to wrap it all up in elegance. It completely compliments the end of the EP.

“Why Me (Pondering)”:

He’s a singer, songwriter, producer, musician and rapper and probably has other talents that he hasn’t shown us yet but so far, Tay Walker’s first project has given us a taste of what he has to offer – incredibly soulful music, rich with emotion and backed with quality production and lyrics. We cannot wait for that debut album and forthcoming collaborations with The Internet.

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