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Cameron Jay

Having moved down to the capital in 2012, Cameron Jay’s journey has taken her around many of the scene’s up and coming stages; she was a finalist in the notorious Jump Off TV competition, performed for Vibes and Pressure at conscious music hotspot Passing Clouds in Dalston and was also invited to grace the stage at Brixton Splash 2013. It’s Cameron’s sincerity in projecting a positive message, her passion in delivering compelling performances and her effervescent energy when engaging with people that has forced the London scene to take notice of this young lady.

We Are One” is the latest video released by the Scottish artist showcasing her original material and it has been greeted with gleeful anticipation by her fan-base back at home in Inverurie. However, there’ll be a number of fans and critics on the London circuit that will find “We Are One” a distinctly new sonic direction for Cameron Jay. The record is an ode to Bob Marley – inspired by his overwhelmingly positive, uplifting and unilateral message, Cameron created a passage celebrating her adoration and dedication to Bob Marley’s mission. Her natural stream of conscious musical style is evident throughout this track and a unique and passionate performance of heart felt words is what should always be expected from Cameron Jay.

Shot in Blacka Dread’s Reggae Music Store in Brixton, South London by Upallnite London, the feel of the video from the start celebrates the mundane beauty of the City and the hidden gems of culture that can be found throughout it. Known for being a landmark in South London, Blacka Dread’s reggae music store has long since been known for being a key spot for Reggae stars such as Bob Marley, Ritchie Spice and Beanie Man to have come through to see the man. Blacka Dread has been a tastemaker for Reggae music in London since the 70s and to have him still so open to welcoming people through the doors is a blessing for music culture and the local community.

Captured in a style best befitting the records fluid jam style, this video signifies the continual development of Cameron’s sound and ability to connect to her audience with real music. It was after this session was filmed that Blacka Dread helped to get Cameron Jay on the main stage at Brixton Splash 2013 where she performed in front of an audience of over a thousand local Brixton people, all of whom stood still for a moment during her set to soak in her uplifting and unifying music. Ever accompanied by friend and guitarist Tish, the acoustic arrangement and power provided when necessary by Cameron’s voice makes it a sure bet that she’ll be touching the festival scene very soon.

If you want to find more of Cameron’s music in the meantime, then you can hear her on the People’s Army New Recruits compilation release. Founded and run by Logic, People’s Army is built upon principles of conscious living, social progression and political activism to rectify the wrongs dealt out by unjust and oppressive governmental policies and practices. Also featuring on the album are RU1 Fam, Amen RahStar of Rebel Lions and Logic himself along with a whole host of up and coming hip hop artists bearing the message of progression.

Be sure to stay on the look out for more new music from Cameron Jay over the coming months. “We Are One” is just a sample of some of the conscious ballads Cameron Jay has to offer to the world. However don’t ever try and put Cameron’s sound in a box, as since she’s a fan and student of soul, rock, reggae, pop and more, so when her debut solo project drops, it’ll be an enchanting collection of progressive tracks that’ll relate her eclectic essence to people everywhere.

“We Are One”:

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Words by Ranako Daley // Edited by Ayo Adepoju

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