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We Plug To You… Selasse (SELVSSE)

Selvsse II

Quietly and consistently creating in a secluded lab in South London, is one of the most prestigious and private up and coming producers of 2014. Still technically yet ‘to blow’, the man known as Selasse (Selvsse) has been growing his name and appeal throughout the last few years with quality work being the staple of what he’s known for – from 2010’s Nostalgia to 2011’s Slow Suicide to his latest offering titled “Call It“, a lush reworking of MNEK’s “Don’t Call This Love”.

“Call It”:

One of his latest projects “Got You Right“, released by Trapdoor Records, is another example of Selasse’s relentless high quality Hip-Hop production. Having heard Sasha Keable’s “Careless Over You”, Selvsse created a inspired rework which ItsNate compliments with his usual compelling style and story telling. ItsNate has been a long term creative collaborator with Selvsse and this track is another example of both of their talents, to produce fresh and relevant mood setting music.

“Got You Right”:

Another project that similarly expresses Selvsse’s recent high standards of output are his contributions to New York rapper Emarr’s album Beauty and The American Beast. Released in December 2013, the album is a masterpiece of sonic production with every track being an immersive experience that fluidly flows into the next, overlaid with passionate lyrics delivered by Emarr.

Emarr is an artist who’s been hard at work over the last few years also having released Bullets and Broads in 2012, another album that Selvsse has a constant presence throughout. So it comes as no surprise that the pair are part of the same creative collective On League, which includes producer Origimoz, rapper/mixing engineer Jam, rapper NY and media man Maz, who have been putting out stunning visuals and music together using resources and a network that they’ve collectively cultivated. Look out for more of their movements because these guys are only set to grow in notoriety and demand.

Patience and persistence is the mantra of Selvsse’s approach to his craft and life. Therefore all fans of his sound should remain secure that he’ll be diversifying the art he creates as time progresses. Recent projects in the pipeline include collaborations with Georgia Copeland, lead vocalist of Notts DJ group One Bomb, and another young singer from the Midlands Tom Grennan, is soon to bless a Selvsse beat with his powerful vocal.

“Needs (Sasha Keable Rework)”:

In spite of being a lifelong fan of Hip Hop, Selvsse has an eclectic enough ear to extend his production into any area of musical production that he chooses. A fantastic example of this is his instrumental release “Needs”; the same inspiration essentially as used on his Trapdoor release, but given an alternative arrangement and mix that amplifies the knocking bass and deeply melodic vocals that make the track iconic. Released by Boutique Groove, “Needs” is an early sign of Selvsse’s sound transitioning into the dance sphere, always retaining his musical integrity alongside giving listeners an insight into his ability to bring the bass even more to the forefront.

Making music a full time career is the aspiration of all serious musicians, and in this modern age, the most tenacious and talented artists have the ability to create the foundations for a prosperous future so long as they pursue the necessary avenues available to an independent artist. However label interest is never a bad thing and along with Trapdoor Records, there are a few other indie labels extending their appreciation for Selvsse’s art. So don’t be surprised if over the coming months you see more releases from Selvsse via these labels. And irrespective of the love the industry may or may not show him, the patience and persistence inherent to Selvsse’s artistic ethic guarantees that he’ll have a whole lot more fans before 2014 is out. Stay locked…

Keep Tabs on Selvsse: Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud

Words by Ranako Daley // Edited by Ayo Adepoju

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