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WPGM Commentary: August Charles Unearths Buried Emotions On Debut EP ‘Blessed’

What’s good, beautiful people! I’m August Charles, an artist based in the wonderful Leeds, West Yorkshire. I’ve never been more excited to share my latest EP Blessed with you, and to whoever else would find joy in listening to it.

Welcome to my world, where emotions run deep and melodies can originate from a hummed voice note! This EP is more than just a collection of songs, it’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and the power of music’s ability to transcend itself from the vault of feelings and experiences of the heart and soul.

Before dropping this EP, I took a hiatus from releasing any tunes for almost a year, and trust me, I felt that absence keenly. But now, in the vibrant dawn of 2024, I’m bursting out of my shell, eager to welcome you into my world with open arms and open ears. Each one of my tracks invites you to explore the depths of my own emotions and experiences. So, take a leap into the unknown and let my new tracks carry you away…

I embarked on this creative journey with a single purpose: to deep dive into the depths of my soul and unearth the buried emotions and memories that have long haunted my mind. Little did I know, it would be one hell of a ride, stirring up sentiments I thought I had long laid to rest.

In the midst of this musical whirlwind, I understand the profound truth that music is indeed an art form like any other – a canvas which the colours of interpretation are painted by each individual observer. I truly feel that the end result of working in music is similar to wandering through an art gallery, where you absorb the sights and sounds, and find your personal connection with the artist’s work.

Through my music, I channel the emotions that course through me, whether they be joyous or melancholic. It’s like having a silent conversation with an unseen companion, a way to express thoughts I may not vocalise otherwise. Sharing my music with the world invites a range of perspectives, which can be intimidating yet ultimately gratifying.

The title track of my album, “Blessed”, focuses on my relationship with my mother. It’s a deep dive into how her presence has shaped my understanding of love and human connections. In this deeply personal piece, I explore the profound impact her love has had on me.

“Blessed” delves into the complexity of the maternal bond, highlighting both its challenges and the comfort it brings. I reflect on the struggle to find someone who can match the unconditional love my mother provides; it is a track that wonders at the unique and irreplaceable nature of that connection.

The second track, “I Can See”, is my response to my earlier piece, “Blessed”. “I Can See” delves into the aftermath of love and relationships, exploring the lingering sense of shame that follows heartbreak. In this track, listeners might find themselves confronting their own emotions, and grappling with the fear of losing the capacity to love as a form of punishment. It’s a poignant and introspective journey into the complexities of regret and self-discovery.

As for the third track – “In My Head” – The lyrics vividly depict the struggle of loving someone who can’t return the same feelings. The song is a poignant exploration of desire, longing, and the bittersweet acceptance of an impossible future. It’s a raw offering, but there’s a sense of fulfillment in fostering connections through my art.

Funnily enough, a lot of my EP was recorded in a very unprofessional manner: we jammed out one idea with the goal of creating about three to five solid demos, but on one specific session we only did one – “We Won’t Stand Alone” – and the chord progression and melody just worked so well that we didn’t look at anything else. Multiple layers of one violinist’s composition created this gorgeous landscape of sound.

Writing can be like pulling from a vault of ideas about family, friends, and feelings. My track, “We Won’t Stand Alone”, stands out to me as the most angelic and spiritual feeling track. Though I think it’s overlooked as it’s the last song of the EP, it’s the one that gives me peace. The heaving backing vocals by myself & Ellen Connelly and Jed Bevington’s beautiful string arrangement are unparalleled.

I think that “We Won’t Stand Alone” is a testament to my journey of self-discovery and growth. “We Won’t Stand Alone,” concludes with a reflection on the influence of God and the recurring theme of feeling blessed. This track serves as a culmination of the different elements explored throughout my EP: the spiritual journey and the personal growth attained through introspection.

In this final piece, I aim to leave you with a sense of hope and empowerment, to acknowledge life’s challenges while celebrating the resilience found in recognising one’s blessings. I aspire for my music to endure beyond the present moment. It brings me immense pleasure to witness the varied interpretations that others derive from my art.

While my music holds personal significance for me, I embrace the fact that it can evoke entirely different emotions and meanings for listeners. I honestly find joy in the diverse perspectives my music elicits. “Stand On Trial” delves into the complexities of my past relationships, exploring the regrettable influence I’ve had, at times negative, on those around me.

Interestingly, this song also forged a lasting friendship with the Canadian rapper jev. Initially, our collaboration was meant to be brief, but it blossomed into a close friendship. Additionally, I had the privilege of collaborating with one of my musical idols, Leeds-based guitarist Joe Harris, a member of the renowned band Gotts Street Park, whose music has resonated with me for years.

I want to leave listeners with the lasting impression that each track in this EP is like a chapter of my life. I invite you to join me on a deeply personal journey, sharing in the vulnerability that comes from self-reflection.

By my weaving of introspective lyrics with soulful melodies, I try to capture a captivating musical experience that lingers in your heart even after the final note fades.

Listen to my debut EP Blessed below, and stream it elsewhere here.

Words by August Charles // Follow him on Instagram and Twitter

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