WPGM Interviews: Chox-Mak – 90’s Flow Lives, Being Lyrical And The Future Of Hip Hop

The 90’s is like the epitome of Hip Hop. It “regulated” Warren G and Nate Dogg, blessed us with Cypress Hill, gave you “Hypnotize”, “C.R.E.A.M”, “The Rain” and “You Can’t Touch This”. Coolio finally considered his “Gangster’s Paradise”, Nas and Jay Z had mad hate/love, and Busta Rhymes, Eminem, and The Fugees all made a staggering impact then and still now, when we look back at what they contributed. It’s no wonder that many artists and audiences look back to this period as the golden era.

Which leads me on to Chox-Mak. For those who do not know of him, Mak has been circulating in the game since 2010. He recently supported Obie Trice on tour, and has opened for noticeable names like Immortal Technique, Styles P and Nappy Roots. He also recently worked with Joell Ortiz on the track titled “Survival”, alongside DJ Tray. It is fair to say that he is manoeuvring well inside the realms of talent that he has worked with – and his latest EP 90’s Flow Lives is a pleasant reminder of an era that will never die.

After listening to your EP, I felt there were many changes with your delivery, your execution and tone. After several projects, what makes 90’s Flow Lives so different?

I feel like I don’t keep myself in a box and I try to change my cadence and delivery on every track. The most important thing to me is being lyrical, that’s really what I believe is the essence of #90sflow you might need Google or a dictionary if u tryna dissect my lyrics completely.

Take us through the entire track listing? What went into this EP, and the tracks within it?

I feel like the EP touches all aspects of Hip Hop in The 90s. ‘Fresh’ which was originally released a while ago is straight punchlines of course, comparing myself to other rappers, saying I’m better than them and talking about being clean. It’s also a statement piece stating I’m here and I’m not going nowhere. ‘Think Tank’ is more on the activist side of things, still remaining lyrical and keeping (with) my boastful subject matter. I touch on things going on in the world and how people, especially recording artists, seem not to care and still rather feed the masses bulls**t instead of enlightening others.

‘Keys’ featuring Solomon Childs is basically a concept track (that says) ‘keys open doors’, and is a radio (friendly)/feel good track from the golden era. So to Solomon Childs for his verse. ‘Raw Seeing Eye’ is more of the raw element of old school Hip Hop and still keeping it lyrical. ‘2015’, which is one of my personal favourites, is simply a statement that I’m not stopping anytime soon with my 90s’ flow – 2015 to Infinity“.

Tell us about working with producer DJ Profulent, and who else was involved in the making of #90sFlow?

Pro is the homie, dope producer and just hearing him tell stories about people he’s met along the way is very inspiring. Pro is (and) has always been cool about me keeping my sound the way I want. Overall we got a great chemistry. Me and my brother Easy Prophyt came up with #90sflow years ago. He eventually went on to get it copyrighted and told me to run with it. It’s my movement but my young protégés Henny Tha Brain and K.Com are gonna keep this thing going strong when I decide to hang up my mic“.

What does Hip Hop say to you know in 2015, what is its future?

To me it says versatility. There are so many different types of artist in one genre, it’s crazy. Exciting and disappointing at times, but I can’t get enough of it, just like any relationship it’s a love-hate thing“.

You have upcoming tours pending, what are these, and where will you be heading?

In the process of working out some dates, definitely gonna be in Atlanta in January and of course planning on hitting Austin during SXSW. I’ll be sure to keep y’all posted on the upcoming dates“.

Who is Chox-Mak now, and where is he heading for the future?

Chox-Mak now is an artist, a grinder, father, manager, CEO, executive and more. I do a lot for myself and others, and I have a lot of people depending on me so failure is not an option. I’m heading to a good place wherever I’m going. I don’t put my eggs in one basket but all of my ventures are doing well and only going to get better. Like the late great Christopher Wallace said with 112, ‘the sky’s the limit’“.

Chok-Max’s 90’s Flow Lives EP is out now on Bandcamp, purchase it here. Keep Tabs on Chok-Max: Facebook // Twitter // Website

Words by Christine Reynolds

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