WPGM Commentary: The Moon Steps Into A New Level Of Womanhood On Her Debut EP ‘AURA’

I’m Moon and My debut EP AURA is a work of art that tells stories of peace, love, passion, and forgiveness. AURA is confident, it’s sexy, it’s beautiful, and multi-layered. Each song allows my listeners to get to know me and my artistry more as the project unfolds.

Being from Compton, California, I don’t think people would expect these types of sounds I’m bringing into the music scene. I love making healing R&B songs, and pop songs that make you feel good. Every fibre in my body loves music, and the creative processes it takes to get that completed record. I’m very hands on with my songs, even in the composition of the production.

The creative process when it came to this EP is interesting because I had a completely different tracklist a couple months ago, but because of the experiences life gave me, I poured what I learned from these experiences into my music.

What was birthed was a new me, a more wise and seasoned woman with different stories to tell. You can really hear the new energy I found in myself on all these songs.

This was one of the key reasons why I waited so long to do an EP – I wanted to develop as a woman and as an artist before releasing a whole project. Alongside working closely with my engineer, MixedbyMarv & my manager, Ashley, they were both instrumental in getting me to try new sounds that I hadn’t tapped into yet.

So, the project became about stepping into, and embracing your aura by taking the experiences you’ve had and becoming better as a result. Learning how to love without attachment and expectations, and more so, just valuing the experiences of people, and experiencing yourself.

The workflow of the project was effortless. I gravitated towards certain instruments and sounds that captured the cadence of the story I was telling for each song. The EP opens with light, and majestic guitar strings that Gwapmane did flawlessly. As we continue, you’ll hear even more amazing guitarists like Kenna and Nathan and sexy harp strings from Sara Kawai.

The producers I worked with were really able to understand my vision and add flavor to the sounds that I wanted to pull in for this project, too. Collaborating with producers like Jboi and Calvin Valentine, we created musical masterpieces that everyone can enjoy. One thing I really love about the project is that both men and women can vibe out to it and appreciate the music.

Letting the music speak for itself was intentional for this release. Being a filmmaker that directs each of my music videos, I wanted to create a different experience than immediately releasing the visuals alongside the tracks. For this EP, I’m going to let the fans decide which songs they want music videos to, after taking some time to choose which songs are their favorites.

The cohesiveness of the tracks is another layer of AURA that I think people will really appreciate. Each track adds to the climax and fall of taking the chance to love openly and receiving love in return. Yet, most of all, I wanted the theme of self love to be the most transparent.

Sometimes loving the wrong person can be self-destructive, and it takes strength to walk away from that. “Chances (Freestyle)” really speaks to having to distance yourself from a relationship that felt as amazing and addictive as “Coffee” (featuring Matte), but maybe took you through too many mental “Cycles” that destroyed your peace. There is no amount of “Control” anyone should have on you – as much as you have on yourself.

With experience comes understanding, and I can honestly say that everything I am now is from giving myself opportunities to be better… Everything. The people I’ve touched, the souls that have touched me – it was all worth it.

It created this AURA… This energy… This magnetic woman that I love, with a heart just as “Pure”. All the “Signs” are clear. I’ve stepped into a new level of womanhood and artistry, and I’m so honored and ready to share that with the world.

Listen to my AURA EP below and stream it anywhere else here.

Words by The Moon // Follow her on Twitter + Instagram

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