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WPGM Recommends: Amethyst – Get Comfortable (EP Review)

After having a small taste of the grace with the singles she released in the past year, British R&B/Soul artist Amethyst has remained true to her word and has followed through with the long-anticipated release of her debut EP titled Get Comfortable.

Upon having spent a lot of time ruminating on the four-song EP, I can confidently say that it is a musical experience that co-signs on the idea of a realistic and very relatable account of loving in both giving and receiving.

In its entirety, the EP stands firmly in yet another exciting addition to neo-soul and R&B and as such, the growth and journey of this upcoming artist is one for the books.

With her lyricism and general production of her work, Amethyst succeeds in making you as a listener feel as though you are having a personal conversation with her about the way she has experienced life and living in the midst of the magic that is love in all it’s rawest and most honest form.

The EP kickstarts with the song titled “Can’t Let Go”, which was originally released in October of 2021 as a single and a teaser that left us wanting more from the soulful musician.

It serves as a warm and welcome introduction to her musical ability and while it is pleasing to the ear, it is a song that not only speaks on the intensity of not being able to let go of the romance in question, but it is also an experience that encourages me as a listener to put myself in the exact context of the song and acknowledge that I am desirable and I myself, am hard to let go of.

It is here that I realize that this composition is not only about the romance of being intertwined with another being, but also about the way I ought to think about myself amid a relationship.

Get Comfortable” follows “Can’t Let Go” and the first few seconds of the song alone draw you into the heart of the music. The drum and guitar riffs that accompany her honey-like vocals easily enchant you into wanting to be the subject or muse of the song because who doesn’t want to be told that something about you as a person sets another free?

In this song, Amethyst puts her vocal range on grand display, harmonising distantly in her chorus and progressing to higher notes towards the end of the song where along with her vocal build-up, the instrumentals also rise, become bolder and fall at her pace.

On “Get Comfortable”, is it easy to imagine that Amethyst is the one that is guiding the entire piece with her voice alone, it is as though she alone makes the song and commands the general direction of each person involved in creating this part of the project.

While this EP is an all-encompassing account of Amethyst’s experience of romance, I find myself reflecting more on my idea of it than the actual imagination or understanding of it. I realize that while the complete project is a beautiful listening experience, the simple ways in which she conveys the messages she seeks to convey are very effective in her lyricism.

Not only is her work relatable to the larger part of society that indulges in the complexities of the subject in question, but it is also thought-provoking in the sense that you begin to ask yourself what exactly it is that you want from interpersonal relationships.

We see this in “Can’t Let Go” and again in “When Will I Know” where Amethyst plainly poses the questions that touch on what exactly we ought to be thinking about when it comes to us as individuals seeking whatever kind of relationships that we want for ourselves. It is indeed a calming experience and better still, an experience that demands self-exploration.

Listen to Amethyst’s Get Comfortable EP below and stream it everywhere else here.

Word by Kimberleigh Campher

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