WPGM Recommends: Evanescence – The Bitter Truth (Album Review)

After 10 years of reflection, soul searching and hard work, Evanescence have given us something special with their new album The Bitter Truth.

Evanescence is another one of those pandemic bands that have released music that makes this isolation a little more bearable however this is their first studio album in 10 years making their comeback even more special. A lot of people would be apprehensive after 10 long years without them but they were all wrong to be because this album is excellent showing that Evanescence is still a force to be reckoned with.

Of course, that’s not to say they’re exactly the same band they were. The Bitter Truth sees Amy Lee in a very different place from where she left off. It acts as the beginning to a new chapter of her and the bands life.

It’s a far cry from the loneliness and frustration of Fallen, which brought the band overnight stardom as this album feels more grown-up. We see Amy reflecting on herself and reflecting on death, loss, faith and also hopefulness. They’re no longer the new kids on the block riding on their sudden stardom but more like teachers or wise elders showing all the new bands how it’s done.

Wasted On You” was released as a single and gave everyone a taste of the new album and it did anything but disappoint. This track is so beautiful with Amy’s rich voice being so gentle and soft but coming in with unrestrained power in the chorus in the way only Amy knows how. It combines heavy distortion with soft keys and arpeggios.

Far From Heaven” hits you hard: It’s a powerful ballad which we’re all familiar with when it comes to this band and it examines Amy’s beliefs and whether she can truly still believe in them and it also indirectly linked to the unfortunate loss of her brother, Robbie in 2018.

This song shows all the emotions that she’s feeling and you can hear it in her voice. Its big and theatrical but also very honest and meaningful. And the last line “I feel so far…” leaves you shook.

Use My Voice” was another single that was released just as the presidential race was getting heated and the Black Lives Matter movement was being hit with both ignorance and support, it was showing how standing up and making a statement could be part of the solution rather than adding to the problem.

It was empowering and defiant and felt comforting like some sort of support system. It’s like it was saying “Hey look and listen to me I’m not happy what are you going to do about it?” The band aren’t really known for breaking its fourth wall just showing how much of a departure The Bitter Truth actually is.

Better Without You” sees the band go back to their heavy rock roots. This is probably the heaviest track on the album. The guitar pairs perfectly with Amy’s voice and the drums and bass keep the song moving like an unstoppable force.

Its bombastic and it feels like its there to please their long-time fans and to say that although they’ve grown and have this new outlook on things at heart, they’re still that rock band from Little Rock.

In a time of isolation and loneliness we would expect an Evanescence album to get on that frequency and speak to those feelings but this album does not.

It’s dark at times but it’s hopeful, defiant and forward thinking. It tells you things aren’t good right now but that’s not always the case, things will get better, which is exactly the message we need to hear right now. Evanescence, it’s good to have you back.

Evanescence’s The Bitter Truth is out now via Columbia Records, with standout tracks “Wasted On You”, “Use My Voice”, “Far From Heaven”, purchase it here and stream it below.

Words by: Louis Suffill

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