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WPGM Recommends: Lunar Hand – Magic Hour (EP Review)

lunar hand magic hour
Lunar Hand is a band that is going to be the talk of the town after last week Friday with the release of their debut EP Magic Hour. They are young, with a dynamicity and high for music and life. This alternative high-school dropouts are an indie group that really know their tunes.

A bit sexy, a bit loose and a bit down tempo in some of their newest songs, they are promising long nights chilling with your close ones or going out to a bar drinking and having an excellent grunch night out. Either way in their latest EP, which is out now, they got all you need for this fall’s soundtrack wherever you are and whatever your mood or schedule is.

The EP’s opening track “Smoke And Chandeliers” is an easygoing track full of indie melodies. The loop is interesting and also the drums and guitars in it are massive. The singer has a structured musicality in his voice making you feel like you are with him and living the moment.

Highly Angus and irresistibly addicting in their sound, the track “12th Ave Fright” is a mixture of old garage vintage pop with indie sounds. Their urge for musicality and late nights and early risings are all about the basic lines of the song’s structure.

Won’t You Come Along” is another track to listen to from their brand new EP. It is full of electric guitars, promising lyrics and powerful drums. The grunch pop feeling is flowing all along the song, making it more aggressive and sexy as it grows into the listener’s conscious and makes him or her lust to hear it over and over again.

Sand Song” is the most vibrant song of the album and a song that leaves the listener with his or her inner thought about the diversity of relationships and life generally. Breaking up is a strong feeling and that’s not necessary rejection, but it can sure bring powerful feelings and thoughts highly putted to make sense after all. Powerful guitars and supplicated drums with massive atmosphere and a touch of romance. Their best song of the EP and a very highly requested one for the broken hearted.

Desert Road“, the last song from their EP is just the right ending of their music story for now. Powerful, lustful and promising, they are rocking and having a blast not because they have to, just to have an ok result but because they really believe in it and in music. Desert roads are a solution for some, but they are all about the company that they can bring to all of us,with their newest tunes in this exquisite EP.

They all their lives ahead of them and all the right music skills to grow their talent to the best possible level. Lunar Hand is a band that is going to be heard by many people all around the world, giving the listeners at least in this EP, the chance to think out of the box and just chill, relax, party, drink up, enjoy and have a wonderful day or night. After all isn’t this what music must be made of?

Junior, Christian and Derulo, in this EP, are giving their soul to the listener and they just want to contribute in this way to the music creative industry, not because of the fame and the money but because music is their own unique nature of living.
So listen to their newest EP and just grunch out with them for a while, it’s a good and promising EP that you should have in your record collection for every now and then, that you want something different and vibrant to hear and feel alive with!

Purchase Lunar Hand’s Magic Hour EP on iTunes here.

Words by Nancy Chalkopoulou

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