WPGM Recommends: Shame – Songs Of Praise (Album Review)

Songs Of Praise is the debut album of up and coming punk band Shame, however you shouldn’t mistake the title of this album with you grandparents Sunday favourite. Shame’s sound is provoking and honest, with lyrics that cover a range of topics.

The band which consists of five members, have released 10 songs which capture what it’s like to be involved in the indie and punk music scene of 2018. Shame are becoming increasingly popular and have a growing fan base, the band have been featured by tastemakers NME and DIY, among others, as well as touring America.

As mentioned by Charlie Steen (lead singer) on the song “One Rizla”, his voice isn’t the best “my voice ain’t the best you’ve ever heard”, however his passion and enthusiasm towards the band comes across, increasingly when you see Shame live.

The band are very energetic live and like to connect with the crowd. Some of the band’s live antics include, pouring wine over the crowd, hanging from the ceiling of the venue and walking into the crowd. Shame’s music will have a lasting impact on you which will last much longer than the bruises you accumulate at their gigs.

This album is a “golden ticket”, it features some old songs which have been re-recorded, and they are mixed in-between new songs which provide you with a sense of energy and madness. The content of this album will be most relatable for a younger audience as the band are only young themselves, but will also remind an older generation of punk fans what they’re missing and hopefully tempt them back to the dark and sticky clubs which once acted as a second home.

The album as a whole is a pleasure to listen to especially for fans who have eagerly anticipated this album, but the song “Tasteless” is one I highly recommend. For people new to Shame’s sound this song gives an insight of what to expect from the rest of the album. The song “Angie” exhibits the band’s skill with lyrics, and is a pleasant end to the album you don’t want to end.

“One Rizla” which is the third track on the album is one of the songs to be given a music video. The video which already has over 85,000 views on YouTube begins with an old slightly mortified farmer explaining how he met the band. The rest of this bizarre video shows the band exploring the farm, maybe being curious of farm life as the band originates from South London. As a whole the album should be played at full volume to have the best impact and influence.

This bunch of 5 energetic musicians, who look like they sound each have an individual style which firmly sticks to their image and reflects onto their fans. But a tour wardrobe isn’t priority for lead singer Charlie as he often finishes a set with his sweaty T-shirt in shreds on the side of the stage alongside cheap beer.

This album might just be the revival of great British punk and has already gained mass support. Over the time, Shame have been a band they have gained a lot of experience, playing many festivals and supporting the punk band Slaves on a British tour. On the eve of the album release, the band played a sold out performance at Rough Trade in Bristol, and even spent time meeting fans, afterwards.

The album, which came out on the 12th of January, can be bought as a CD or vinyl in most record shops and online. The band also have a selection of merchandise which all music fans should have in their collection. Visit Shame’s website or social media pages to get all the updates on the band, also make sure to buy tickets for the upcoming tour which I’m sure will not disappoint you.

Purchase Shame’s Songs Of Praise album on iTunes here.

Words by Ash Roberts

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