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WPGM Recommends: Wizkid – More Love, Less Ego (Album Review)

What you know about love and Afrobeats? Well let afrobeats legend Wizkid tell it.

More Love, Less Ego arrives as Wizkid’s fifth studio album, which was released on November 11. The new album from the afrobeats legend is gorgeously love themed and features the likes of DonToliver, Skepta, Naira Marley, Ayra Starr, Skillibeng and Shenseaa.

His first single of the year was “Bad To Me”, which was noted to appear on his album. Upon announcing his album release, he released “Money & Love” along with a music video that etched out the vision of artistry and sound for the album. With that said, let’s have a deeper look into the album.

The beginning track “Money & Love” embodies a wonderfully mellow dance groove, and a rhythm that is simply perfect. It sets the tone for the tracks to follow, brimming with Afro excellence. The visuals that accompany it enrich the flirtatious and playful energy of the track. It creates an entrance into the realm of More Love, Less Ego.

We then ascend further into “2 Sugar”, which Ayrra Starr features on. This track is simply structured but demonstrates a primeness in its simplicity and rhythm. The rhymes are melodic, repetitive but calming similar to a ballad, maintaining a sort of waviness and fluidity that is supported by the track’s music video. The pair’s collaboration was truly special and remarkable.

“Everyday” is masterful with a poetic extract of Maya Angelou’s “Love Liberates” leading into the song. The melody invokes a romantic scene and deep intimacy, even commenting on the fruits, namely liberation that comes with love in the track.

As we move further down the tracklist, we notice some Amapiano influence in “Bad To Me” however, arguably, the song does not fall into the infamous Amapianio music genre. There’s a debate on whether he did well in creating an Amapiano track.

The track is groovy and for the most part seems Amapiano inspired and takes a more unconventional approach to how Amapiano is made, slowing down the track but maintaining the grooviness and afro vibe of the track. This track is by far one of my favourite listens, not only because of its familiar tune but the whole vibe and musical scenery.

My personal picks of the album would be “2 Sugar”, “Balance”, “Everyday”, “Deep”, “Flower Pads”, “Pressure”, “Plenty Loving”, “Frames (Who’s Gonna Know)” and my ultimate favourite, “Bad To Me”. Wizkid explores love in a deeply melodic and smooth way, painting a musical scene to one’s deepest desires.

This love themed album highlights how intentional Wizkid was in representing his message. When asked in an Apple Music interview on what the current chapter of Wizkid’s story looks like, he answered with, “More love, less ego man“, referencing the album title.

He goes further to explain how the world is really in need of love especially in light of the tragedies of Iran and the many human rights wars that are currently occurring.

When asked in the same interview with Apple Music whether this album is to heal, he replied that his album is to help things. He also recognises the love that he is surrounded by, namely his children and the adoring moments of taking them to school or being in their presence.

It is not uncommon knowledge that Wizkid has contributed a lot to the upliftment of African music and is seen by a lot of upcoming artists of Nigeria and Africa, as an inspiration. Wizkid has not only made a success for himself but has encouraged and promoted Africa to the world, as well as uplifting Nigerian music to its global status.

He’s an artist that quite literally went from ‘grass’ to ‘grace’ and has exponentially grown his artistry and afrobeats influence. He explains “If you put in work, there’s no way you’re gonna lose. I want to show the kids from back home there’s nothing you can’t do”. Even in interviews he rhymes.

Many of his fans have described the album as a masterpiece, phenomenal even. How could you see it as anything but masterful? In the continuation of the afrobeats king’s story, we wish Wizkid all the best as he explores his artistry further and creates legendary music to come, more love to him!

Listen to Wizkid’s More Love, Less Ego below and stream it everywhere else here.

Words by Somila Lehloesa

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