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WPGM Recommends: EKKAH – Last Chance To Dance (EP Review)

Birmingham duo EKKAH aka Rebekah Pennington and Rebecca Wilson backed by their three bands members, combine beautiful melodies and create refreshing dance infused music for people to have a good time! Grab your heels, throw on some make-up and get yourself down to EKKAH’s warm soulful, funk grooves dazzling in R&B with 80’s electro underlaying.

Sparkly, shiny, sublimity of sheer musical beauty, enter the ‘retro revival revamped’, throw in a lil’ sultry, spicey vocals and defining beats, make a recipe of perfection. Prepare to throw some shapes, don your leg warmers and sizzle in the glitter ball of roller-disco music! I present to you, EKKAH, come and basque in three eras of pure musical bliss, a purple haze of intoxicating beats.

“Last Chance To Dance”:

It was back in June this year that these ladies released their free summer mixtape to the world, filled with the essence of ‘summer funk’, catchy grooves that float in the summer air, a warm breeze of melodic musings. EKKAH stamped their mark with awe-infused beats, sensuality and a delicious array of smooth vocals under the backdrop of retro ‘boogie nights’. These ladies have brought the funk in new EP, Last Chance To Dance, a beautiful four track EP soaring in these reveries of musical renewal, beaming in sheer quality. Music to make you dance, infectiously tantalising, this is Last Chance To Dance, grab yourself a drink and get youself on the dancefloor!

No track says ‘dance’ like the EP’s title track and first song “Last Chance To Dance”, a delectably desiring disco inferno of smooth, funkadelic chic! Mesmerising and alluring vocals purr out so sensually, cushioned beautifully by rapturous cool grooves and a dreamy great beat. A roller-disco of a track, you can imagine the glitter-ball spinning, big hair and all, as the 70’s revival oozes! So chilled, a distinct homage to early disco and dance are ever-present throughout, sleek it glistens in a haze of pure bliss. Effortless, this song is beaming in the spot-light high on the podium!


Follow that up with the laidback “Ex-Change”, with its lovely vocals, strong and soulful, still containing that 80’s funk groove feel, stripped back as these genteel vocals glide in the mellow tones of the sublime. Characterized by its muted guitars and velvety vocals which rasp over this track of tranquility. The track is calm and subtly sweet but still soulful. A refreshing, breath of fresh air, light and dreamy, a work of perfection from EKKAH.

Imagine the 1980s, summer sun, Cyndi Lauper and you have “Holiday Blues”, the embodiment of everything 80’s, reverberating in silky synths and desiring vocals as this electro soul-pop will take you through a decade of nostalgia revamped. EKKAH have made it their own, as this track dances over this signature, groovy beat. A running-man of a song, driven palm-muted guitars and sweet, sweet synths, glorious!

This is a song that will make you want to dance, shimmying as these ladies have captured an era and brought it straight ‘back to the future’. Madonna meets The Bangles, “Holiday Blues” is a lively, upbeat track, that coasts in, bringing the sunshine with it and memories of frightful perms and Deirdre Barlow glasses in tow, come immerse yourself in a pool of pleasurable pop and let the shoulder pads do the talking.

“Holiday Blues”:

This is a band of high esteem, you can hear all their influences which are nicely moulded and shaped into a hybrid reflecting both past and present, but still fresh and new. This is only the beginning for EKKAH, beautiful vocals, both as equally as good as each others, complementing every song and dazzling productions that gently caress offer this EP, a wonderous feel and tone. A time-warp of the most pleasing! The Last Chance To Dance EP is out on November 24 via Year One Recordings and Honeymoon.

Purchase: EKKAH – Last Chance To Dance EP (iTunes)

Words by Melanie John // Edited by Ayo Adepoju

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