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WPGM Reviews: Girl Ultra Live At Bottom Lounge (In Pictures)

Mexican R&B artist Girl Ultra recently stopped in Chicago at the Bottom Lounge while on her short mini-tour for her recent EP release of El Sur.

The crowd in Chicago was filled with Spanish and non-native speakers, but it didn’t seem to matter. Everyone was there to have a great time and see something they wouldn’t usually attend.

It makes you want to dance and party, leaving you intrigued and wanting more. The energy and crowd made it seem like a whole 3-hour concert for only an hour’s performance.

Girl Ultra has been a driving force of R&B in Espanol since 2017, straying from traditional Spanish sounds and steering towards a very authentic R&B sound. Most recently, on El Sur, she has been drawn to change her style and explore more dance & party rock sounds.

If this was an experiment, she nails it. However, sticking to her Spanish roots, not singing in English, and trying to crossover into the indie mainstream in the states is a feat.

I was able to ask her after the show if she had a studio album in progress. She stated, “It’s definitely in the works“, and she is taking her time with the project.

Photography by Carlos Padilla

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