WPGM Commentary: Bea Anderson On The Making Of Her Debut EP ‘Eden.’

Hey guys, may name is Bea Anderson and I’m a singer-songwriter from South-East London. I have just released my debut EP, Eden. and it feels crazy. There is such a whirlwind of emotions going through me!!!

Its crazy to think that this time last year I technically wasn’t classified as an “Artist” and even three months ago no-one knew who I was, yet fast forward to now, suddenly everything has changed and birthed the Artist ‘Bea Anderson’.

In hindsight, it feels even more fitting that the EP is called ‘Eden’. Originally, I’d selected this name as I always said it would be the name of my first born child and therefore two things preciously birthed from me; first child, first music project (although I’m not actually a mum yet lol). That literally is what this all feels like – the birthing of me.

I’ve been pursuing music for years in different ways, however, although encouraged to actually release music years ago, I was never 100% ready. When I say “ready” it was like this gut feeling… I had loads of music, but to put name on a specific style of song was the hardest thing to do – until now.

For this project I literally stripped myself back to my core – I wanted a body of work that would represent me well and really be able to define me as an artist.

A lot of the process was mentally unlearning and challenging the ideas I had of what sounded “good” or was written “well” to actually seek what ‘Bea” likes and how ‘Bea’ writes. I really had to visit some of my favourite songs and inspirations (whether that be new, old and varying genres) to begin to cultivate this sound that I could call my own.

As you can imagine, this process does not happen overnight and in my case, it didn’t even completely start in the UK! About four years ago, I was introduced to a Turkish production duo who I absolutely fell in love with – The Flytones.

I created a great bond with them both musically and personally – they literally just. got. me. I remember at one point feeling a little bit misunderstood musically as I new the type of music I wanted to make but could never really put my finger on it. However, the synergy I experience(d) with these guys was (is) honestly magical!

In 2018 I flew out there – Turkey – for the first time to make music in person. I remember bringing a logic file with some of my guitar samples and half an hour later, my jaw was on the floor – out birthed “Shrugs”. On that trip, we made such great music but, more so, there was unexplainable feeling of belonging. This really was the catalyst to the project, it was like it gave me a new found fire within.

I came back to London and the following week, boom, track one – “Dear Me”. Not only had I come back with creativity, I’d found the theme I wanted to explore in this project – Identity. You’ll hear this theme really executed in the first track.

I was going through a great transition of understanding myself, the meaning of love, life and my journey as a woman. In this first track I poured my heart into the lyrics and out came this affirmative letter (song) to myself.

Two years later, I finished the final two songs “Easy” and “Nauseous”, the songs that went on to be my first two singles this year. Although these songs are contrasting in instrumentation and lyrical content they share a timeless essence, and this quality is something I’d yearned for from the beginning of this process – the notion that I just want to make timeless music.

To make music that may not be deemed as “current” was SO nerve-racking as I honestly had no idea how I would be received as an artist. However, seeing the way the music has been responded to has been the most humbling and touching experience.

To know that people have genuinely connected with my music as an outlet of love and expression is such a beautiful sight and gives me such motivation. I honestly cant wait to see how the rest of the year pans out! I’m so excited to continue on my musical journey, to continue releasing and just to continue growing as an artist – it’s going to be a beautiful unveiling.

Listen to Eden below and purchase it here.

Words by Bea Anderson // Follow her on Twitter + Instagram

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