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WPGM Interviews: Mandy Jiroux – Pop Music, Beyoncé Influences & Deep Sea Diving

Mandy Jiroux
Most of you will know her as “Wreaking Ball” singer Miley Cyrus‘ best friend and main star of the internet YouTube hit show The Miley and Mandy Show, but Arizona born singer, DJ and dancer Mandy Jiroux has been making her own way into the world of music as of late and has certainly been making all the right kind of noises on the way. With such a flourishing profile and demanding schedule, Mandy shows absolutely no sign of slowing down. I was lucky enough to catch up with her to ask a few questions about what’s she’s been up to and what’s to come!

Since the age of three, Mandy dedicated most of her time to learning dance, with the dream of one day becoming a professional choreographer. Upon graduation, Mandy moved to Los Angeles landing her first professional dance job for pop singer Miley Cyrus, performing for her on two international tours across the United States and Europe. Mandy is also known for being one of the five prominent members of girl pop group BG5 (short for Beach Girl 5), which originally signed to Rock Mafia Productions.

Over the course of their fame, the girl group picked up various awards, including winning the KIIS FM Breakout Star Contest in 2009. BG5 have also made numerous appearances on hit American shows Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Khloé & Lamar, as well as having their music played on TV programs The Hills, Degrassi and even the Fox Sports Network.

Recently Mandy paired up dynamic Russian dance DJs Fagault & Marina and released the hit dance single “Tonight”. When asked how she got involved with Fagault & Marina she said: “We made the connection through our managers. Fagault & Marina sent us the track ‘Tonight’ and I instantly loved it! I was so thrilled that they wanted me to be the featured vocalist on the song“. Fagault & Marina’s superb production skills have recently gained them a number 1 dance remix for Beyonce’s hit single “Partition”. Other hits include the remix and video of Nelly Furtado’s “Parking Lot” and remixes of Carmen Electra’s “I Like it Loud” and Yoko Ono’s “I’m Your Angel”.

Can you see yourself getting more involved with the songwriting side of club music?

Of course, being a part of the writing side is important to me. I co wrote my next feature that’s coming out with DJ Starkillers at the end of the year. A song I’m really proud of. Some of my original music definitely has a club influence to it, but my style is just good pop music with catchy melodies and sick beats.

Not only does Mandy spend a lot of her time writing in the studio but also keeps busy at night DJing at clubs around LA. I asked Mandy how she feels being able to play her own tracks live in front hundreds of people: “I love being able to play my own tracks while DJing because you get an instant reaction from the crowd! When my songs make the crowd hype, it makes me excited and happy that they’re feeling it as much as me“.

What other styles of music do you love to listen to?

I listen to all genres of music on a daily basis. I like to mix it up which keeps me inspired. I listen to a lot of alternative and indie music, but I also love Hip Hop, and always love a good pop song Recently I’ve been addicted to Ariana Grande’s new record.

With such a wide passion for various styles, who would you say your musically influenced by?

Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez, they have it all. Their both multi talented singers and dancers who can perform and have amazing music! I hope to be as successful as these ladies one day, who inspire me regularly.

Being an artist of many talents and so apparent within the media’s spotlight from a young age, Mandy has a strong dedicated fan base and YouTube video viewing figures that are quickly climbing into the millions: “The relationship I have with my fans has always been a great one, their support means the world to me. I constantly keep in touch with them on my socials”. What’s next for you and your fans? “What I’m currently focused on first and foremost, is being in the studio and working on my own original music. The end goal is to release music and start performing everywhere!“.

You’re a triple threat, you can sing, dance and act. But what else would you love to succeed in that’s not performing?

I’ve always wanted to work for Nasa, but I think it’s a little too late for that now. So I’m going to say deep sea diving! I want to go where people have never been before! Our planet is huge and we haven’t even seen most of it.

So what’s next in the world of Mandy Jiroux? “Keep dancing, singing, and DJing! Release music, and tour the world“. With so many ‘fingers in so many pies’ it’s so easy to understand why Mandy Jiroux has such a bright and successful career ahead of her and an adoring fan base to match. The dance track “Tonight” will be featured on Fagault & Marina’s upcoming EP Mr. Beat which is due for release later this year via Peace Bisquit. If you get a chance, make sure you check it out, although I’m sure it will be a hard one to miss if you’re a lover of club music or hit the dance floor in the next six months.

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Interview by Jay Osborne // Edited by Ayo Adepoju

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