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WPGM Recommends: J’Moris – Extra (EP Review)

Texan rapper J’Moris released his brand new 4-track EP Extra last month, offering a unique style that combines the best of hip-hip, southern rap, dub & modern trap, while telling it straight, not pulling strings and not holding anything back. With this new record, he has all that it takes to be heard loud and clear.

J’Moris grew up in the 90’s, where living in his hometown Hillsboro had more to do with stories and early experiences of drugs, pimps & thugs flooding the streets, so his music is influenced by these stories and the energy from his environment.

The first track on the EP is “Extra” which is also the theme title of the whole EP, so the anticipation for this one is as high as it gets for the listener, and he definitely wins us over, by setting the listeners’ mood to get closer to his music reality, and his everyday lifestyle struggles.

Hip hop music, braggadocio, personal fears and ambitions, as well as storytelling about the society he lives in, delivered to us as straight and accurate as it can get, sets the atmosphere for the rest of the EP. J’Moris isn’t afraid to pull no punches and highlight his truth in this song, as he does throughout the entire EP.

Misbehave“, the song that follows is a more sensual song, where J’Moris plays with sexuality in a more intimate way. On this song, his R&B/Hip-Hop influences are obvious and it seems a natural outcome that he would use this certain expressionism and attitude in this song, as he was raised in an environment where he could see how relationships are sometimes shaped in the ghetto streets and alleys of society.

The vibes on “Not At All” continue his biographical attitude and approach on the EP, as he raps about living and growing up in his hometown Hillsboro Texas. J’Moris approaches the song lyrically, by storytelling about the troubles and difficulties he faced and was exposed to in his life.

You can notice his southern accent as well as his southern rap and trap influences more on this track. He is honest with the listener and tells his truth in this song, without putting up any barriers, and that makes his music stand out with dynamic compelling power. The song offers a positive narrative by telling us that even though things may get rough sometimes, there will be always a way to get through it, by being persistent with your goals and believing in yourself.

Speed Boat“, the fourth and final track on J’Moris Extra EP, has a gangsta feel and narrative about his street days, surrounded by drugs, pimps and thugs. This is where he draws inspiration for his approach to the song.

He is bold musically and lyrically all the way through the song, and even though there are obviously rough edges to his approach, they don’t undermine the song, instead they highlight a true hip hop atmosphere and make J’Moris one artist who isn’t and won’t ever be fake or unreal to his listener, after all the true essence of hip hop is boldness and being as real as you can be.

In retrospect, the EP not only highlights J’Moris music excellence and everyday approach in life, but it also shows the way some societies are evolved and how sometimes, even a guy from a town in Texas despite the difficulties he is confronting, can make it through and be someone who will stand out from the crowd. If you haven’t heard J’Moris Extra EP, give it a listen below.

Purchase J’Moris Extra EP on iTunes here and stream it on Spotify below.

Words by Nancy Chalkopoulou

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