WPGM Recommends: ALMA – Heavy Rules Mixtape (EP Review)

The up and coming pop singer Alma has a new music suggestion for all of us to get to to know her and her music a little bit more, via her recently released EP weirdly entitled Heavy Rules Mixtape. The ‘mixtape’ consists of six tracks, and each one has its own unique place and purpose but also, they are all combined with symmetry as a whole, and held together by the artist’s voice and acoustics.

Legend” is the name of the first song and it is full of dynamicity. Becoming a legend, who cannot stop winning, has a good feeling, even though sometimes, it has some bad consequences – Alma sings all about it on here. It is a pop song filled with the right uplifting energy. Alma has a power attitude to be heard and noticed in this one, capturing the listener with her energetic music rhythm in every second and every turn of the track.

Dance For Me” featuring is a modern love song, when a 21st century party girl meets a 21st century party boy and asks him to dance for her and then she will do the same. Full of pop rhythm and positive energy, this is a pop song that will lift you up from the cold and do what else.

A song full of summer feelings follows. On “Good Vibes“, Alma is collaborating with Tove Styrke and the temperature is getting hotter… She has a raw beauty in her voice and with lyrics that are honest and bold, she is seductive, making the listener think about how good vibes sometimes don’t last forever. Relationships have an unhappy end sometimes, but meanwhile you can have fun and sweet memories while they last.

Fake Gucci“, the fourth track of the Heavy Rules Mixtape is bringing the feeling, that a relationship in the economical crisis era may have difficulties. Even though you might not have money and bank accounts, you must stay true to yourself and to your other half. He/she should be enough for you without being amazed only by the luxurious life. Alma is true to herself and to the listener and true to the essence of life itself.

Money is not everything she reminds us, love is. Luxury is not everything she sings and “if you want that, there is not much I can give”, making a statement of the different values that all of us have and how different we each see and value love in our lives.

The track entitled “Back2U” is a very sweet song about the lust someone has over his/her ex-relationship and thinking all of the time about getting back to them. Sometimes if you are alone, you feel unhappy and the days and nights might feel longer. Alma is singing for all those who miss having that special somebody in their lives.

This is a song which we all can relate to, because we have all been through those feelings, perhaps more than once in our life time. It is full of feelings and has warmth into its lyrics and sounds. Definitely a song that you have to listen to. On the last song of this mixtape “Chit Chat“, Alma collaborates with Kiiara in this massive fest of music. They are grooving and having fun and it shows, keeping the listeners need for positivity and high decibels fulfilled.

The whole Heavy Rules Mixtape is a dynamic pop sample of how Alma sees the world and music. Despite her young age (only 22), she has made many unique music steps in her career until now, and with this new offering, it is sure that the future is definitely going to be written, not by ‘heavy rules’, but only by Alma’s own rules! Purchase her Heavy Rules Mixtape on iTunes here, and stream it below.

Words by Nancy Chalkopoulou

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