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WPGM Recommends: Bobbie Morrone – Lonely St (Album Review)

On the brand new album Lonely St from Blues folk singer Bobbie Morrone, which is due for release on Monday, February 4, he takes us, along with him, on a musical journey, by suggesting to us, that even after all the difficult incidents you might face in life, you must be true to yourself and your calling.

Behind The Walls” is the first track on the album, and it is all about wandering through life and questioning the never ending ‘whys’ of the world. When you think of the past and question whether you were supposed to hide behind walls, or if you should have just walked away from whatever situation you were stuck in, in the first place.

The next track “Get By” is a slow burning blues-pop tune that will get to your soul. The musicality in this one is powerful and brings out the luricality in it, where we can notice the wandering soul of Mr. Morrone singing about why getting by difficulties is easier, when you have other people beside you.

Whiskey And Water” on the other hand, has a more soulful twist. The track is about mesmerizing love and how it is a necessary thing in life, setting you free and making you feel more inspired about everything you set your mind into doing.

The fourth track on the album is entitled “One Of A Kind” and with its eclectic electric guitar riffs, Morrone takes us along on a story about his loved one and how she is one of the kind for him, taking him to heaven as opposed to the many times previously, he has had his heart broken, or at least that’s what the story in the song is all about.

Holding On” is a sweet song about love and all the feelings it can provoke in people, when they need a shelter to go to and leave their heart and soul in. Soulful vibes and blues influences are flowing all the way through the song and make it feel warm and close to the listener’s heart by its calming and nurturing tunes.

I Can’t Fall That Far (Intro)” is a mixture of an acapella track and an introduction to the following song. The short length intro may be the best way to insert an interval right about the middle of the Lonely St album. This leads into “I Can’t Fall That Far“, which mixes blues with pop and folk-soul vibes, bringing a very structured track about love and break ups, which makes the song heartfelt and maybe giving up a very personal, emotional message to the listener.

The album then goes into “Walk Away“, which is a folk song about the journey through love, when you have to make a closure after a while if you don’t want to hit a brick wall in your relationship – you just have to walk away even though it is hard, after all as they say… time heals everything.

I’ve Got It” is completely infused with blues rock musical power, it is a dynamic song, where love is the main topic and particularly the great feelings of being in love and falling into love, while “Simple Things” is a song about a love story which goes wrong after a while, and with its catchy lyrics and scaling musicality rhythm, it makes for a smooth track to listen to while chilling after a long day’s work.

The album’s penultimate track “Jam” is a slow burning guitar jam, where for the second time in this album, the entire song is acapella. It truly sets the mood for the album’s last track, which offers the right closure for the album.

Title track “Lonely St” is the last song of the album. It closes the record, saying that even though sometimes you might be feeling lonely, you need something to hold you by and keep you strong enough to get through the rut you are facing, after all is said and done.

The Lonely St album is full of slow burning tunes, blurring lines of blues, soul and popular music and by this twisting of genres, it is a reflection of real life situations and also a reflection of the true originality of Bobbie Morrone’s sounds and qualities.

Purchase Bobbie Morrone’s Lonely St album on iTunes here and stream it below on Spotify.

Words by Nancy Chalkopoulou

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