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WPGM Recommends: Purple Disco Machine – Soulmatic (Album Review)

On the 20th of October, disco and funk fans dug out their best dancing shoes in preparation for Soulmatic, the debut album from Purple Disco Machine, featuring collaborations with CeeLo Green, Faithless, Kool Keith, Boris D’lugosch and many more.

Tino Piontek, the man behind Purple Disco Machine, has been making us dance uncontrollably since 2009 and has collected a number of impressive achievements for his music since then, including releasing his music on labels such as Defected, Club Sweat and Spinnin’ Deep, and creating impeccable remixes of artists such as Jamiroquai, Groillaz, Two Door Cinema Club, New Order and the list goes on.

With all of this impressive experience under his belt, it’s not a surprise that this 13-track long LP is as fantastic as it is. With support from Radio 1, Purple Disco Machine became the number 1 most played artist in May with track “Body Funk” and the 2nd most Shazam’d song in Ibiza with song “Devil In Me“, which also topped the German Club and Dance Charts reaching number 10 in the UK.

It’s a funky party from start to finish, beginning with “Music In You“, which appears to be a great warm up for the rest of the album, with groovy bass and electronic vocals reminding you constantly that “you will always have the music in you“, and that is exactly what this album feels like, even after you have turned it off, the funk filled journey never ends, which continues onto track “Body Funk”.

Although the track is over 7 minutes long, the roller-coaster of sound that PDM throws you into makes it feel like an explosive firework that includes so many different sounds and feelings. This track incorporates a marching rhythm with the repetition of “one two, one two, one two” and “I don’t know what I’ve been told, music makes you lose control…” encouraging a chant from the listener, mixed with the classic funky disco guitar and the most perfect head bobbing tempo.

This track has been a key track since I first recorded it back in early 2017, I play it as a proper crowd anthem every time” admits Purple Disco Machine. The ability for this track to include so many different sounds is seriously impressive.

Love For Days” sees PDM team up with Borus D’lugosch and features the wonderful Karen Harding. It is for sure one of the stand out tracks on the album. It has a slightly more disco-house vibe, with glitches of funk and disco sneaking in every now and then, but ultimately it is a completely feel good track that makes you want to press the replay button over and over again due to quality production.

It is really clear that this album was made so you want listen to every song, with every detail being perfected and every sound being relevant. PDM has the incredible ability to choose songs, 13 in this case, that each offer something different.

“Devil In Me” wins best vocals on the LP with UK singer Joe Killington’s soulful voice giving the track a completely different sound to the others and making it appropriate for a wider range of audiences, from soul lovers to club ravers, it fits all, and this concept of variety is endless with tracks like “Let The Music Play“, co-produced and co-written by UK based dance group Faithless, who really put their stamp across the track with superb production, sounds of percussion and subtle vocals.

Take It Easy” is a 80’s sounding funk delight which features Crush Club, reminding you to “take it easy, and keep it cool” whilst grooving on down to this disco inspired riff and a hugely important track to this album, once again showing the variety that he can bring to the dance world.

This whole album is a completely uplifting and entertaining experience, perfect for raving in a club or dancing around your living room. The precision and execution of this album is exceptional and makes it hands down one of the dance records of the year. Purple Disco Machine’s Soulmatic album is out now, purchase it on iTunes here.

Words by Mia Woloszczynska

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